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Using Craigslist for CPA offers … is it possible?

What does CPA stand for?

CPA marketing is a form of marketing that happens online wherein the advertiser (for example, a corporate or consumer brand) contracts an affiliate to generate leads for them. The business model operates in such a way that the affiliate gets paid for generating quality leads.


How do advertisers benefit from this set-up?

The affiliate has the task to generate leads that the advertiser can use to promote its brand/s or services, or for whatever purpose serves them. The affiliate will be paid in commission in return for the said leads.
These leads are turned over the advertisers so they can formulate campaigns and/or efforts to reach them.

How do affiliates generate leads?

In terms of method, the usual CPA lead generation method used is to search the web for individuals to contact. In exchange for the information of these individuals – such as name, mobile number, email addresses, location, age etc. – the affiliates can give them discounts, freebies, and other perks.

The tactical way of generating leads is to find online communities, websites and forums and get leads from there. It is, after all, more strategic to target engaged groups than go by individuals.

Is it possible to use Craigslist for CPA offers?

In a nut shell, is it possible to use Craigslist for CPA offers, yes possibly. Is it advisable or allowed? No, not necessarily.

Strictly speaking, you can use Craigslist to generate leads. You can post ads there or you can hire people to complete the offers for you using Craigslist. As long as you follow the rules of CL, you can probably generate some leads from the site. So in terms possibility, yes, both are possible. But is it a good idea? No. Most offers by advertisers specifically indicate that affiliates should not use Craigslist as a source. Even CPA companies forbid CL as a source of getting leads.

There are a handful of people who will advise against using CL as a source. The main reason would be the high incidence of fraud. It would be a bad idea to even source out your offers to CL since that would jeopardize your credibility should things not go as planned. As for leads generated from CL, the usual problem is that they don’t generate conversion or activation for advertisers.

The problem lies on the quality and credibility of the information affiliates can gather from the said source. One person can make multiple accounts. Although CL prohibits this and has taken steps to bring down incidences of multiple accounts posting the same ad in different places, there are still a number who can get away with it. This is what makes CL a problematic source for CPA leads generation.

On the other hand, CL might give you leads if you find a way or two to stop the CL system from blocking your account. This can be very tedious and time consuming. There could also be some advertisers who don’t mind that affiliates use CL, so if that’s the case you find yourself in, then there should not be a problem.

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