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Three Tips to Successfully Selling Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a wonderful website that you can use to offer services to everyone in the world and earn some money doing so. It is very easy to get started and it is not hard to get to a level 2 seller so you can have the potential to earn even more money. You can tell if you are on the right track with being a good seller or not if you do become a level 2 seller within a time period of at least two months long from when you first got started.

Creating an account on Fiverr is easy as well, fill out of your information and remember that you must be honest; you are your own boss here so you need to represent yourself how you would want your clients to see you, add in a picture and then start with your services. For a gig to be successful there are three main things that it should have in order to attract the consumers eye and keep their attention until they get persuaded to purchase and these three aspects are how you word it, how you present it and then how the consumers view it and what they think of it.



Wording your gig should come naturally, after all you are just describing what it is you are offering and all that it entails but with the title of the gig it should be kept short and sweet; think of a summary for a book you need to deliver the whole package at once in just a few words so they can be enticed and once you have their attention they are in and they read the rest. The rest is a simple yet detailed description of the gig and be sure to cover it all in here so you have fewer questions to deal with later on.

As for the appearance of the gig the content should all be original and of your own work and or services; if this does not apply choose an image online of something that represents what you do like a book for reviews or a pencil for writing. You also have the opportunity to add a video to your gig, with this it can be an example of your work if you are a video editor or if you are a salesperson or offering something else show off your talents real quick so you can persuade the consumers even more so to choose your gig.

And to get even more customers and earn more money you can offer gig extras once you are a level 2 seller and this is where you can make things more interesting and offer more with just one gig like doing more than one review or making a video and leaving a comment.

Lastly you will want to keep in mind to always do your best so when your customers leave feedback it is positive; having honest feedback is always best but you would rather want it to be good than bad. The higher your ratings are then the more you will be recommended to people and then the more orders you will start to see to come in; you just need to always be honest and communicate as quickly as you can with your customers.

In the end having a guarantee is like the cherry on top because the customer will know you are reliable and if there is an issue it will get fixed, this leads to a massive increase of return clients and building a network of return customers is a sure flow of money.

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