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One of the most important things you can do as a business owner who uses internet marketing is to study the numbers. Some people think analytics is boring, but in truth it can be very exciting to find the key to unlock higher conversions and higher return on investment.

Here are nine different analytics tools you can use.


  1. Chartbeat – This cloud-based software is a little different than some of the other products out there. This company realizes that clicks are only part of the story. With this software you’ll know right away what content is working best on your website or blog.

  2. Adobe Analytics – With this service you can gather deep insights in all your online activities, including mobile. Get to know each customer’s journey inside and out from A to Z with just a few clicks. You can conduct a 360 customer analysis, use predictive intelligence and more.

  3. Google Analytics – This is the original free analytics software which is definitely worth trying out. It offers so many features and benefits that it would be impossible to go over them all in this space. But, it would do your business good to learn it or hire a professional to help you with using the software.

  4. Snowplow Analytics – This works on the idea of pipelines and with it you can view all customer interactions, monitor the performance of your business, and even respond to users in real time. You can track anything you want to track.

  5. Piwik – This is an open-source analytics tool that anyone can use. You and only you can see the information. You can self-host it or you can use it in the cloud. You’re in full control of your tests and analytics.

  6. Clicky – Almost a million websites use Clicky to monitor their web analytics in real time. If you want to know how your website is performing in a simple way, this software works wonders to help you make the right choices.

  7. KissMetrics – The analytics you can get from KissMetrics will help you become more customer centric as you learn what makes your customers tick. You’ll be able to optimize pages through testing and more. If you want to keep happy clients, this is great software to try.

  8. Woopra – You can use this software to track anonymous website and mobile app users even before they identify themselves and then after too. If you really want to get a good understanding of your customers and their buying cycle, try this software.

  9. HubSpot Analytics – HubSpot offers an enormous amount for website owners and business owners in terms of analytics. The reports offer sales and marketing data in one spot for easier understanding.

Which software you choose to use depends on what your goals are. Plus, it depends on your own understanding and expertise when it comes to using the software. You might consider hiring a professional who is an expert in any of these software options so that you can get the most out of analytics.


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