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How many cities can I post in? How many times per day?

Craigslist is an ad posting online community with listing in multiple cities, whose integrity and credibility rests on the quality of ad posts and buyers that access it. Since it’s a free service and is accessible to almost anyone, it is susceptible to abuse, fraud and spamming. This has lead the developers of the site to crack down on possible perpetrators.

They have also instituted certain rules and mechanisms to regulate the usage of the site. Using the usual behavior of spammers, Craigslist has put certain restrictions that limit the posting behavior of its users.
How many cities can I post it?


You can only post in one city at given time. You can post one ad after every forty-eight (48) hours. The reason for this is that spammers tend to spam the system by posting multiple times in multiple cities.
When you access Craigslist, it automatically directs you the community or city nearest to your location. Ideally, the suggested behavior is that you post on the community of the city nearest to you. The logic is that a valid and responsible seller will post an item for sale in his or her person or disposal, and the transaction would logically be traced or conducted to the area nearest to the seller.

Craigslist also suggests a behavior that fosters community building among its users. It seeks to function like an online community that caters to the actual community where its users are in. Posting on other cities just to increase the frequency and number of ads posted by one user defeats this purpose, and is actually spamming the network.

How many times per day?

You can post one ad per day, in one category, in one city. You should also post unique ads. Repeating posts of the same ads will be considered as spam and you will be blocked or ghosted. Posting one post after another will also constitute to possibly spamming and you can also be blocked.

Once blocked, you would have to redo all the content of your account since you will have to make a new one. That’s hardly worth all the trouble of posting as many ads as you possible so you can reach more people.

Instead of trying to beat the system and find loopholes, you can try creating quality posts that are comprehensive, accurate and compelling for users. This way, your posts run better chances of being posted. Make sure you don’t post using multiple account too. The system can track this and it will flag you as a spammer. While you are at it, you can also craft your posts so that you avoid using words that might be associated with spam, such as “free” or “limited offer”. These might have been tagged by the system as spam posts and might be flagged down.

To sum it up, the golden rule is: Post one ad, in one category, in one city per day. The next post can come in after forty-eight (48) hours.

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