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For the busy business owner, outsourcing can be an excellent option when you get everything right. However, if you get it wrong, the experience can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you can make during the outsourcing process and how you can avoid making them.

Mistake #1

You Outsource Tasks That are the Core of Your Business

When you are first getting started with your business, you may make the mistake of outsourcing your core business tasks. While this might be fine to do in the later stages of your business, it can turn into a nightmare when you are first starting out. The core tasks of your business are your responsibility, so you never want to rely on a freelancer to complete these tasks.

Mistake #2 

You Fail to Provide Enough Guidance

Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between micromanaging and not providing enough guidance for the freelancer to complete the job. This is why it’s super important to start out small. Take the time to write out detailed guidelines and put a standard operating procedure in place that all freelancers are required to follow.

Mistake #3

Overestimating the Cost Savings

The time and money that you save with outsourcing are generally less than what you believe. To avoid this mistake, make sure that you are keeping track of your investment and the results you’ve achieved. This will ensure your outsourcing ventures are successful.

Mistake #4 

Starting to Quickly

It is essential always to take your time when hiring a new freelancer. You never want to rush the process, making sure you have thoroughly vetted the freelancer. Make sure that you look at what their previous clients have said about their performance and look over their portfolio of work.

Mistake #5 

Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

It is essential to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Instead, you want to build a reliable network of freelancers. Having a secure system of talented freelancers will allow you to quickly find a replacement when a freelancer decides to end their working relationship with you. Outsourcing your business processes is an excellent way for you to focus your time and effort on the important aspects of your business. Avoiding these five common outsourcing mistakes will allow you to quickly and easily outsource various non-essential business tasks.

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