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Despite most people advising against it, it is possible to generate leads from Craigslist (CL). Forming a list of leads can be challenging though. The systematic way that CL cracks down on accounts that seem to be spamming the network can prove to be cumbersome. Creating content that will not be flagged down can be time consuming indeed.

But just as other efforts can entail a lot of work, giving Craigslist a try might be worth your effort. Here are some steps you need to take to create and build your list using Craigslist.


Understand your target market

Firstly, you need to determine what your market is. Are you looking for people interested in real estate, wholesalers, retailers, childcare providers, mothers etc.?

The landing page of CL already has categories that will give you an idea where your target market is/are. Knowing the behavior of your target is crucial at this stage. For example, if you are generating leads for first time mothers, then you might want to look at Community > Childcare. You can also check Services > Household. It all depends on how you understand your target audience to behave.

Create unique content to post

After you’ve identified your target market, it is time to come up with the materials that you will post.
The trick with using CL for leads generation is that you need to have carefully crafted ads. Repeating ads will be flagged by the CL system and that would leave you with nothing. So you need to create unique content. Creating unique ads will require you to have unique titles and unique descriptions. You need to be creative in drafting our post.

Post your ads

Time your post strategically. Craigslist can block your account if you post repeatedly within forty-eight hours. No need to worry because CL allows you to re-post an ad after the window.

What you need to be doing is to strategically post it during peak hours. This may vary depending on where you are located. Choose the time when there is highest traffic online.

You might be tempted to post in various locations or cities, but this is not advisable. The system can detect if you are posting multiple ads in varying locations. This will cause the system to flag your account and take it down.

Remember, you are trying to generate leads, not burning time putting up your account over and over again and redoing content because you keep getting blocked or flagged.

Follow-up and monitor progress and adjust

Following up leads demands consistency. Depending on your needs, you might need to follow up leads in different manners and frequencies. Some leads might need to be called while others can be reached through email.

After finalizing your list, it is time to monitor your progress. Evaluate your success rate so you can quantify your results. It is also important to note what worked and what didn’t so you can tweak your posts and strategy accordingly. Remember to evaluate your efforts versus the results. This will help you create effective methods in generating your list.

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